3 Desserts that are Made Even Sweeter with Candy

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 03, 2016

Love candy? Why not turbo charge your dessert game by putting candy right into your favorite desserts? Read on for three yummy sweets that feature the added bonus of candy.

No. 1: Movie Night Brownies

These yum brownies feature three kinds of candy! Grant mixes chocolate covered raisins, chocolate sprinkle candies, and a chopped crispy chocolate bar into his brownie mix, then tops with popcorn and bakes!

No. 2: Peep Crispy Treats

This is kind of amazing and is sure to wow your kids, your kids’ friends, and even your kids’ friends’ moms. You just melt marshmallow Peeps in the microwave, mix with butter and Rice Krispies, then layer in a loaf pan in alternating colors – rainbow Rice Krispie treats!

No. 3: Candy Cane Ice Cream Cake

This cake involves zero baking! Katie Lee layers sliced store-bought pound cake with candy canes and vanilla ice cream for a beautiful and delicious dessert! You can use any kind of candy and any kind of ice cream you like to make this a year-round treat!

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