Cool Down with 5 Deliciously Boozy Popsicles

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 08, 2016

It's getting hot out there! Cool down this weekend with one of these fun and festive adults-only alcohol-infused popsicles.

No. 1: Wine Slushies

Just take a large glass of sparkling or regular wine and dip in a homemade ice pop (or a store-bought one, we won’t tell).

No. 2: Aperol Spritz Ice Pops

These citrus alco-pops inspired by an Aperol Spritz will transport you to a café in Italy! Blend citrus liqueur Aperol with Prosecco, orange juice, lemon juice and sugar, then freeze in popsicle molds!

No. 3: Gin and Tonic Popsicle

This popsicle is kind of like a boozy limeade pop! Just mix gin, water, tonic water, sugar, juice and zest of two limes and pour into a popsicle mold and freeze!

No. 4: Spicy Grapefruit Margarita Ice Pops

This margarita-inspired pop features DIY jalapeno-infused tequila with grapefruit juice and sugar. Freeze them into cone-shaped cups and roll the finished pops in chili salt! Amazing!

No. 5: White Russian Ice Pops

For these delicious dessert booze-sicles, mix up coffee, Kahlua, vodka, heavy cream and sugar and pour the mixture into a plastic-wrap lined loaf pan, insert popsicle sticks and freeze. When frozen, slice into individual popsicles and enjoy!

Which cocktail would you like to turn into a popsicle? Share below.

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