Pack Your Beach Cooler with 8 Portable Treats

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Going to the beach doesn’t have to mean you have to hit the fast food stand when you get there! Check out eight deliciously portable recipes you can make ahead and pack into your cooler!

No. 1: Curtis Stone’s Peanut Butter, Jam and Banana Burrito To Go

These delicious wraps are an upgrade on a classic PB&J. Curtis Stone rolls up tortillas with peanut butter, bananas, jam and Greek yogurt.

No. 2: Grant’s Lemon-Poppy Pasta Salad

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Pack this delicious lemony pasta salad into a to-go container and put it in your insulated beach bag or cooler! Bring paper plates for serving, or go the rustic route and eat straight out of the container.

No. 3: Tripletas

This multi-layered and flavorful Cubano-inspired steak sandwich can be made to feed a crowd, so you there’s no limit to how many beach buddies you can share with.

No. 4: Andrew Zimmern’s Cucumber-Mint Lemonade

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This refreshing lemonade combines the tartness of lemon, the brightness of mint and the mellow taste of cucumber for a virgin beverage the whole family can enjoy.

No. 5: Audrey Johns' Giant Breakfast Cookie

If you’re trying to catch the sunrise at the beach, bring along a bag of these nutritious and delicious breakfast cookies!

No. 6: Lemon Yogurt & Chive Dip

For this fresh and delicious dip, Richard Blais uses items you might already have in your kitchen. He starts with Greek yogurt and adds lemon juice, capers, fresh dill and chives.

No. 7: Quinoa Cobb Salad in a Jar

This make-ahead salad is as healthy as you want it to be! Layer your favorite veggies, lettuce, quinoa, dressing and other ingredients in a mason jar, then just toss and eat when you are ready! Substitute the bacon and blue cheese with a lower-calorie protein if you like!

No. 8: Major Grey Chutney Chicken Salad

This spicy, sweet chicken salad is guilt-free because it’s made with Greek yogurt rather than mayo. With ginger, garlic and a mango chutney mixed in, it’s bursting with light and fresh flavor. Spoon it onto sandwiches for a make-ahead beach meal.

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