Strapped for Time on Weeknights? Make Lunch for Dinner

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 15, 2016

Now that the kids are back in school, parents everywhere are crunched for time and need to get dinner on the table fast. Our solution – make lunch for dinner! Check out six hearty sandwiches that make dinner both easy and delicious!

No. 1: Italian Combo Hoagies with Roast Beef, Hot Sausage, Peppers and Onions

This robust sandwich features fragrant grilled sausage and peppers AND juicy roast beef. Rach roasts her own beef, but if you don’t have time for that on a weeknight, you can use roast beef from your deli counter or prep in advance by roasting a big hunk of meat on a weekend afternoon.

No. 2: Onion Dip-n-Chips Patty Melt

We’re putting sour cream and onion dip IN your patty melt. What?! This sandwich may be quick to make, but no one at your dinner table will be complaining, what with onion dip, cheese, and chips ON the burger.

No. 3: Ultimate Falafel Patty Melts

You don’t have to hit up a takeout spot to get amazing falafel and tahini! Rach shows you how to make this tasty meat-free burger right in your own kitchen -- fast. The smoky, spicy and bright flavor profile will be a hit with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

No. 4: Tripletas

Bring the flavors of Cuba to your dinner table with this Cubano-inspired sandwich that features a tomatillo relish, pork loin medallions, sliced steak, swiss cheese, deli ham and a sour cream and ketchup dressing. By using a large loaf of crusty bread, one large sandwich feeds the whole family!

Tip: Roast a pork loin on the weekend ahead of time to save time during the week.

No. 5: Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Olive Salad

These crisp, buttery fried sandwiches are the perfect treat to make when you only have a few ingredients in the fridge, and only a few minutes to spare.

What’s your go-to weeknight meal? Share below.

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