Pasta Pronto! Our Quickest Linguine Recipes Ever

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Does hearing the word “pasta” make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Does the thought of linguine doused in a creamy, cheesy sauce make you start drooling (literally)? The word linguine is actually a derivative of the Latin word “lingua” meaning “tongue” -- named for its flattened-out shape, which is also why some people call it “flat spaghetti.”

Scroll down to see our quickest, easiest recipes so you can get your linguine fix faster than you ever imagined possible. Consider this permission to carb load (as if you needed it!).

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FAST: Pasta with Bacon, Chestnuts and Dijon

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Bacon + pasta = love. This dish combines two wonderful foods in one, and it’s pretty darn easy to make -- what’s not to love? Simply boil the pasta, cook up bacon until crispy, add in the rest of the ingredients and simmer the sauce until it thickens. Done!

FAST: Sausage and Mussels Linguini

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This dish is perfect for seafood lovers! It’s loaded with mussels, sweet Italian sausage and it has a bit of spiciness to it. The best part? It’s versatile. Make it meat-free by omitting the sausage or add extra seafood if that’s what you’re craving - make it your own (and while you’re at it, read these 10 priceless tips from pasta masters)!

FASTER: Creamy Linguine with Broccolini

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Eating a lot of pasta might make you feel a bit guilty at the end of the day -- that’s why we’ve included a recipe with a bit of green in it. (As Rachael always says -- girl math!) This dish is creamy, cheesy and filled with garlicky sauteed broccolini.

FASTEST: Creamy Salmon Linguine

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This creamy dinner can be made in just 8 minutes! You read that right. Chef Curtis Stone heats heavy cream in a large skillet, then adds lemon zest, salmon and chives. Toss it with cooked linguine and dinner is done!

FASTEST: Quick Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce

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Super hungry? Here’s another 8-minute dinner for you! Chef Curtis Stone makes a quick, fresh tomato sauce in just a few minutes (obviously). He then tosses it with the cooked linguine and tops it all off with crispy prosciutto. Bon Appétit!

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