Let's Talk Turkey - No, It's Not Too Early

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Bird is the word and Katie Lee has a few tricks and hints that happen before the turkey ever hits the oven. With the right planning and prep, even a first-timer can relax and enjoy the big day. As Rachael herself says, “It is essential to keep the cook/hostess happy and calm...so if you like tea, roll with tea. If you’re like me, you roll with wine.”

Now that you’re in the right mood, it’s time to prep for the best Thanksgiving meal yet.

Now: Get a regular sized frozen turkey and an extra breast instead of a huge turkey that won’t cook as evenly.

10 days ahead of time: Plan how you will roast your turkey and take inventory of how you will cook and serve the rest of your menu. Match serving platters with sticky notes detailing what dishes they will hold and if you are low on dishes, head to the dollar store and stock up!

7 days out: Make two grocery lists –- one for things you can buy now, and one for things you need to buy fresh. Buy what you can now and start thawing that turkey.

3 days ahead of time: Shop for all fresh ingredients and thaw any other frozen items.

1 day ahead of time: Make side dishes, desserts and set the table.

Thanksgiving day: Put that turkey in the oven and don’t forget to let it rest for an hour after you remove it from the oven.

Watch the video for more helpful hints including saving an overdone bird, how to make your own roasting rack and where to thaw your frozen turkey.


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