Rach’s Hubby John Goes Cranberry Hunting?! (and Makes 3 Cool Cranberry Cocktails)


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Rach’s Hubby John Goes Cranberry Hunting?! Aired December 27, 2016

Cranberries are pretty much synonymous with Thanksgiving. So of course, Rach decided to send her husband John to a cranberry bog in Southern New Jersey to learn all about these tart fall berries.

Check out the video above to see what happened when John suited up in his waders and sloshed into the bog at the Pine Island Cranberry Company to help out with the harvest.

Naturally, all that bogging made him thirsty. Since he's the mixologist of the family, he whipped up three easy cranberry cocktails after his adventure, any of which would be the perfect drink to hand your guests as they arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

John’s Sparkling Cranberry Sauce Cosmopolitan

Ever thought of mixing some cranberry sauce into your cocktail? Probably not. But you’re gonna want to try this with your leftover cranberry sauce – especially if your Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned. This delightful vodka cosmo which is topped with a splash of champers “will help you get over it,” Rach says.

Tip: John suggests “double straining” your cocktail before serving to get rid of the goopy cranberry sauce texture.

John’s Cranberry Margarita

Put a fall twist on everyone’s favorite summer drink with this cran-infused marg made with fresh cranberry simple syrup.

Cranberry Whiskey Sour

This traditional whiskey sour gets cran-ified when cranberry simple syrup is subbed for regular simple syrup, and a cranberry garnish replaces the traditional cherries.

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