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  • 1 soft Italian roll with a nice crust, cut lengthwise but not all the way through to open like a book
  • 1/4 cup chopped white or vidalia onion
  • Kraft Cheese Whiz
  • 7 ounces thinly slice ribeye


Serves: 1 sandwich


Heat up a griddle or sauté pan and add a drizzle of oil and one spray of Pam (this will ensure that nothing sticks). Add onions and cook over low heat to caramelize. While the onions cook, in a small sauce pan cook cheese whiz over low heat. Remove onions from pan and set aside. Add ribeye to the hot griddle and cook until done, about 90 seconds each side.
Swipe cheese whiz on one side of the roll and add the onions. Stuff roll with meat and enjoy!