Sometimes It’s OK to Play Favorites! Rach Reveals Her 4 Most Coveted Food Products + How to Use ‘Em

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Over the years, Rach has mentioned (more like boasted) a few of her favorite food products, and our fans are always calling and emailing in asking where to get ‘em (we hear you!). So, here’s a complete list of her absolute must-haves, where you can get them, and some recipe ideas on how to take your dish to the next level. Enjoy!

Rachael Ray Show

Crispy Jalapenos From Fresh Gourmet
Rachael is obsessed with this spicy, crunchy jalapeno topper. “These will take your nachos to another level -- they’ll make you cry, but not because they’re spicy,” says Rach. “They’ll make you cry because they’re just so good, you can’t get over it!”

To show you how she likes to use them, she makes her Texas-style queso, loaded with lots of sharp cheddar, and spicy pepper jack cheeses. When it comes to this queso sauce recipe, anything is possible -- smother it over nachos, charred corn, hot dogs, and even tater tots! Top them all off with a sprinkling of those crispy jalapenos and you’ve just won dinnertime.

Try Those Crispy Jalapenos On This Nacho Recipe

Rachael Ray Show

Smoky Bacon + Blue Cheese From Oscar’s Adirondack Smokehouse in Warrensburg, New York
According to Rach, caesar salad is an upstate New York staple, and so is shopping for smoked meats and cheeses at Oscar’s Adirondack Smokehouse in Warrensburg, New York. She’s been going there since she was in first grade! Can’t make the trip there to visit in person? Not to worry, they ship nationwide!

What sets her caesar salad apart from the rest is that she likes to top hers off with crispy bacon bits and smoky blue cheese. (Salad, we’ve never wanted you more!) Here’s her recipe incorporating those ingredients, and we have a hunch you’ll love it!

“This salad is so salty, your eyes will swell shut for two days,” jokes Rach. “But it’s so worth it, you don’t really care!”

Try This With Their Bacon + Blue Cheese: Caesar Cobb

Rachael Ray Show

The Bronx Hot Sauce
These hot sauces come in either red or green -- both have a mild, fruity heat making them perfect for gatherings since they’re full of flavor and not too spicy.

Rach says that scrambled eggs are the perfect vehicle for using hot sauce, so she likes to serve it with breakfast burritos! She stars by charring some tortillas over an open flame on a gas cooktop, then dumps on a generous amount of hot sauce, lots of spicy pepper jack cheese, sliced avocado and scrambled eggs. Yum!

Make These Crunchy Tacos With The Bronx Hot Sauce

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