How to Throw an Elegant (but AFFORDABLE!) Tapas Party

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired February 08, 2017

When Rachael entertains, she loves to host tapas night. Her husband John makes a playlist of Spanish music and a sangria or warm Rioja punch, and she makes a bunch of small plates, or “tapas.”

“Tapas is fun because it’s super-affordable,” Rach explains. “You can use just eggs and vegetables and a couple small pieces of cheese...and people nibble all night long.”

Here are some of her favorite tapas recipes that are easy to make at home!

Ajvar and Charred Bread

Rachael Ray Show

Believe it or not, the recipe for this dish is one of the first recorded recipes in history. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth smooth dip made from roasted red peppers, eggplant and sweet chiles, plus olive oil and sherry vinegar. It’s super cheap to make and extremely tasty -- plus it’s figure-friendly. It’s easy to see why this dish has staying power!

Chorizo and Wine

Rachael Ray Show

For this tapa, Rach sautees Spanish chorizo (not Mexican chorizo and not dried Spanish chorizo) with soft onions and then gets them “drunk” with Spanish Rioja red wine.

Chorizo and Shrimp

Rachael Ray Show

For this yum finger food, Rach sautees chorizo and shrimp with garlic, lemon and sherry.

Manchego with Apples

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Rach sprinkles minced fresh rosemary and chives over aged Manchego cheese, then serves paired with apple slices and topped with honey and marcona almonds.

Paprika Manchego with Pequillo Peppers and Spanish Olives

Rachael Ray Show

For this dish, Rach plates sliced smoky Pimenton Manchego with Spanish olives, then serves with jarred pequillo peppers that she upgrades by slicing and tossing with fresh thyme, minced garlic and olive oil.

Mushrooms with Garlic and Sherry

Rachael Ray Show

You don’t even need to have a party to make this, it’s so good you’ll want to just serve yourself a bowl and gobble it all up yourself! Rach browns cremini mushroom caps in butter and olive oil, then dusts with loads of grated garlic and thyme before dousing with sherry vinegar and lemon.


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