7 Crunch-tastic Recipes to Step Up Your Chicken Finger Game

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Who doesn’t love a golden, crunchy, juicy chicken finger?

“It’s universal -- people go nuts for ‘em!” says Rach.

Chefs Anne Burrell and Spike Mendelsohn love them, too -- which is why they got creative and came up with seven genius new ways to make and eat them! Get their recipes below.

Baked Chicken Tenders

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These bad boys are coated with crushed saltine crackers and crunchy almonds. Chef Anne Burrell marinated them in a fat-free yogurt and dijon mustard combo for a figure-friendly tender. Eat ‘em naked or try them with her three dynamite dipping sauces below.

Healthy Ranch Dipper

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This creamy, dreamy dipper is made with ranch dressing, non-fat yogurt, buttermilk and hot sauce. It’s the perfect compliment to her baked chicken tenders.

Soy Wasabi Aioli Dipper

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This dipper seriously couldn't be any easier to make -- all she did was put some soy sauce and wasabi powder in a bowl, whisk it together then add a little store-bought mayo for a one-of-a-kind aioli.

Mustard Cornichon Dipper

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Pickles are one of chef Anne’s favorite ingredients, and pickles go with chicken like mac goes with cheese (see where we’re going here?). She stirred together some cornichons, dijon mustard and red wine vinegar to create a zesty dipping sauce.

Chicken Finger Poutine

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Chef Spike Mendelsohn is a Montreal native, so of course he knows a thing or two about poutine. This version is like a twist on disco fries! (Cue the drool) He fried up thin strips of breaded chicken then topped them with cheese curds and super hot chicken gravy. The gravy needs to be hot so those cheese curds can melt and get ooey, gooey delicious. Finish ‘em off with chopped scallions for a pop of color and some bite.

Chicken Finger Pancakes

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Chicken and waffles. Say no more. Chef Spike took that classic American combo to a whole new level by creating chicken and pancakes!

“It’s like chicken in a blanket!” says Rach.

They’re made using standard pancake mix with a touch of honey mustard. Drop the chicken tender right into the pancake batter and let ‘em cook. Top off the finished sweet and savory dish with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Hot Chicken Fingers

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This is a play on southern “hot chicken” -- but with chicken fingers and hot dog buns! That super hot and spicy sauce he made looks good enough to eat with a spoon -- top off that hot chicken finger sammy with good ol’ bread and butter pickles.

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