Food Trend Taste Test: Raindrop Cake, Taco Pizza, Spaghetti Doughnuts + More

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Playing This 'Raindrop' Cake is a Cult Hit in Japan
This 'Raindrop' Cake is a Cult Hit in Japan Aired July 31, 2017

If you’re curious about the latest food trends but too scared to take a taste -- we did it for you! From spaghetti donuts to raindrop cake, Rachael, former pro football player and TV correspondent Jesse Palmer and “The Kitchen” co-host Katie Lee are tasting some -- interesting -- foods.

Raindrop Cake

Rachael Ray Show

This Japanese cult dessert was brought to the U.S. by Darren Wong, and is made of mineral water, agar and ube (a purple Japanese yam). The purple “raindrop” is supposed to be flavorless, and is served with sweetened coconut milk and coconut jelly.

The Verdict:

Rach: “This looks like the cutlets that we girls who have small boobs put into our chest.”

Katie: “The texture is terrible.”

Jesse: “It’s really actually not awful.”

Rach: “If you love Japanese food like my husband you would love this.”

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Spaghetti Donuts

Rachael Ray Show

These spaghetti donuts were created by Pop Pasta and are a baked handheld take on spaghetti pie.

The Verdict:

Jesse: “It’s heavy."

Katie: “Mine’s delicious.”

Rach, “I would eat a dozen of these donuts.”

Taco Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

We’ve all heard of taco toppings on a pizza -- this is not that. This is actual TACOS on top of a PIZZA. With GUACAMOLE. Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, New Jersey created this dense and delightful dinner.

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The Verdict:

Katie: “I just want to know what time at night somebody came up with this, and what were they doing before.”

Jesse: “This would be amazing at 3 a.m. It’s a lot of calories but it’s delicious.”

Katie: “I could get into that.”

Angel City Sriracheladas

Rachael Ray Show

Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles makes these michelada-inspired spicy beer drinks that are brewed with tomato juice, sriracha sauce, lime juice, agave, pickled banana pepper juice and Worcestershire.

The Verdict:

Jesse: “When you go out and you get really drunk at night, you have the [taco pizza] at 3 a.m., you drink this the next morning, and you’re gonna feel incredible.”

Katie: “Does the next box have Tums?”

Rach: “[That drink] just cleaned every pipe I have!”

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