Are Pizza Cretzels The New Cronut?

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New York City has a lot of fun, unique foods to offer, so if you’re ever in town, or heck, even if you live here and feel like playing tourist, stop by Breads Bakery near Union Square. They’re serving up a triple mashup that’s called a “Pizza Cretzel.”

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a combination of pizza, a croissant and a pretzel!

“One stop shopping!” says Rach.

“The mashups are starting to get ingenious now!” says Jesse.

And while it might sound a little out-there, we can personally say we’ve tried it and it’s really hard to not have more than one little piece (because… manners and sharing with an entire office.)

Check out these other great mash-ups that you don’t need a trip to NYC for:

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