What Does Caviar Taste Like?

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 3:35 PM, May 31, 2017

Rachael Ray Show

Aired May 31, 2017

Unless you’ve been savoring caviar your whole life, you might be a bit put off by the idea of eating fish eggs. But you shouldn’t be, according to our culinary producer Grant Melton.

Grant describes these itty bitty eggs (a.k.a. fish roe) as “a juicy pop of briney, super-saltiness followed by a buttery aftertaste,” adding, “It’s oddly rich for how small it is.”

American versions are far less expensive (between $50-$100 per ounce) than the famous Beluga kind—which is actually illegal to import and can go for upwards of $300 per ounce—but it’s still not a cheap treat.

Good thing just a few bites are pretty satisfying!

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