What’s the Best Chicken to Use in a Slow-Cooker?

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A slow cooker can be a cook’s best friend because the possibilities are endless!

But have you ever wondered what cut of meat you should be using? Well, you’re not alone.

As a part of our big “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” show, Rach and chef Curtis Stone answered some of your pressing chicken questions.

Question: What’s the best chicken to use in a slow-cooker?

Answer: “[In] the old classic French dish coq au vin, the coq is literally the male bird,” Curtis explains. “It’s an older, tougher chicken that you cook really slowly. So if you can find a broiler chicken -- something that has a bit more age to it and also a bit more flavor -- it’ll be tougher, so the slow cooking will help that out.”

“When I make coq au vin,” Rach adds. “I make it sit in wine overnight.”

We’ll take that tip any day!

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