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All you need is a store-bought chocolate cake, cookies + candy to make this easy Halloween dessert from party planner to the stars Mary Giuliani —no baking required!   

For the "tombstones," Mary recommends using Pepperidge Farm's Milanos (the perfect shape!). Any black gel icing in a tube, gummy worms and candy pumpkins you can find at your store will work. 

For another easy Halloween dessert that even the most baking-challenged can nail, check out Mary's Ghosts In a Jar Chocolate Pudding Cups.

PS: Mary's team recently announced her mail-order business "Love, Mary," which launches November 2, but is available for pre-order right now. Rach calls it "a party in a box" and Mary's greatest hits, such as Pastrami On Rye Tarts and Everything Pigs In a Pie, are packed up and frozen, ready to be popped into an oven to make entertaining at home as easy and delicious as any Mary Giuliani event. 


  • Black gel icing in a tube
  • Cookies shaped like tombstones (Pepperidge Farm Milanos work perfectly)
  • Store-bought chocolate cake
  • Gummy worms
  • Candy pumpkins


Using black gel icing, write "RIP" on the cookies, then arrange on the cake to resemble tombstones. Scatter gummy worms and candy pumpkins as desired. 

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