3 Tips to Stay on Budget This Black Friday

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While the holidays are often the most wonderful time of year, they can also the most expensive, especially on major shopping days like Black Friday.

To help you stay on budget this holiday season, founder and CEO of LearnVest.com, Alexa von Tobel, is offering three go-to tips any consumer can use. Check them out, below.

1.) Plan Ahead

Von Tobel says the first way to start saving is to simply get ready in advance. "Make a list, step-by-step, of what you need to buy; what you want to buy."

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"Google it," she continues. "Check Amazon.com -- check lots of places -- and write that price down on your list."

"If you decide to go to a store to buy it," she adds, "make sure you're getting the best deal. If you're not, wait and you can buy it online later."

2.) Tune Out That Happy Holiday Music

Von Tobel says that, on average, a consumer is 17 percent more likely to spend money if holiday music is playing. A simple solution: put it on mute.

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"Put on your headphones," she says. "Make a phone call to your mom or friends. Be cognizant that that amazing, cheerful music is there by design to make you spend more."

3.) Edit Your Shopping Cart

Before you finally check out, Von Tobel says you should recap what you put in your cart and match it against your list.

"I always try to challenge people to take one thing out," she says. "Tell yourself you can always come back later if you really need it."

For more financial tips from Alexa von Tobel, visit LearnVest.com.

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