Can a Simple Tactical Pen Keep You Safe This Holiday Season?

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These days, people go to great lengths to keep themselves safe -- alarm systems, bodyguards, you name it.

But can your best source of protection this holiday season lie in a simple alumimum pen?

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson says carrying around an aircraft-grade aluminum pen (or what he refers to as a "tactical pen") can help you get out of a number of jams, from kidnappings to potential drownings.

"Maybe you're going over a river [in your car] and you crash into the river," he says. "You can bash out the windows with [the pen]" and make a clean escape.

Hanson also says the pen can also help women if they're suddenly approached on the street.

"If you're walking down the street and some guy makes you uncomfortable, you can hold this in your hand and strike him," he says.

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