6 Eye-Opening Holiday Travel Tips You Need to Know

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 03, 2014

As much as people love to travel, getting to your actual destination can sometimes be a huge hassle; flight delays, crowded airports and overstuffed suitcases can make even the most anticipated vacation feel like absolute torture.

Now, as we enter the biggest travel season of the year, our good friend Gretta Monahan is sharing her top (X) tips to help you get through it all in one easy (and, in many cases, stylish) piece.

Check our her tips, below.

1.) Travel Light

When selecting a piece of luggage for purchase, Gretta arises everyone to use her rule of three.

"When you go into the store and you're trying to pick [out] luggage, take out three of your favorite pieces and actually try to lift them," she says. "Go with the lightest piece."

"If you have trouble," she continues, "Close your eyes and lift each bag individually and you will know exactly which is the lighter piece."

2.) Buy a Bag with a Pattern

Waiting for your suitcase to arrive on the carousel is rarely a fun experience, especially when your ordinary suitcase looks like everyone else's.

Gretta's tip? Buy a bag with a pattern on it. That way, your bag will stand out from the rest of the crowd, and allow you to exit the airport looking more stylish than everyone else.

3.) Avoid Travel Sizes

Gretta says that companies charge about 75 percent more per ounce in travel-sized bottles.

How do you get around this? One of the easiest ways to cut back on costs is to simply buy your own travel-sized bottle containers and pour your existing products inside. Gretta says you can also go to department stores and ask for samples, or simply rinse out the bottles you find in hotel rooms and use those moving forward.

4.) Have a Pre-Packed Toiletree Bag

Raise your hand if you've ever forgot to pack your toothbrush.

Now that everyone's hand is up, listen closely: Gretta says one of the best ways to avoid forgetting your essential toiletries is to always have a packed bag ready to go. Not only will this help you keep everything in order, it will also cut down significantly on your packing time.

5.) Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh by Using Dryer Sheets

If you're worried the smell of your shoes will permeate onto your travel belongings, Gretta says you can simply tuck a dryer sheet into the sole of your shoe. You can also place your shoes in a zipped compartment, allowing that entire area of your suitcase to smell April fresh.

6.) Always Pack Layers

When it comes to fashion on the go, Gretta says the best thing to do is to plan on wearing layers. This allows you to get the "maximum coordination out of your outfits."

"If you start with a neutral base, [you can] jump in with a primary color. You [can also add] a couple of things in bright, [so] you can really get that to always to look."

Doing so will allow you to save time on the road, put more outfits together and, if the weather changes, you're not going to be all that upset about it.

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