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Playing Nate Berkus' Christmas Tree Tips
Nate Berkus' Christmas Tree Tips Aired December 16, 2015

Our dream team of holiday elves are here! Nate Berkus, Peter Walsh and Mally Roncal are helping you solve some of your biggest holiday problems. First up, Nate is showing one busy mom a simple, yet beautiful way to decorate her dining room table for the holidays. Some of his tips:
•    Place a table runner down the center of the table

•    Scatter candle votives around the table runner
•    Use a vase filled with tightly-packed flowers in the center of the runner
•    Trim flower stems down so just the head of the flower sticks out of the top of the vase
•    Keep flower arrangements low so everyone can see each other and easily communicate across the table
•    Set your table the day before to save time day-of and reduce stress

Bonus: Ever wonder what size tree is right for your home? “The easiest rule of thumb for picking out a Christmas tree is that it should be two feet shorter than the height of your ceiling,” explains Nate. “So if your ceiling is eight feet, then your tree needs to be six. You need a foot at the bottom for presents…you need a foot at the top for clearance, and that is the rule.” Watch the video above for even more of Nate’s holiday decorating tips!

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