3 of Your Biggest Last-Minute Holiday Beauty Problems -- Solved!


Playing Mally Roncal Fixes Your Holiday Beauty Woes
Mally Roncal Fixes Your Holiday Beauty Woes Aired December 16, 2015

With holiday shopping, baking and entertaining lists a mile long, it’s no wonder we’re not always looking our best during the holidays. But if you are looking for simple, fast fixes for your holiday beauty woes, expert Mally Roncal is here to save your holiday season!

Problem 1: Puffy Eyes

Apply a soothing eye gel below your eyes using a chilled metal instrument – either a metal ball applicator that comes with the product, or just a metal spoon from your kitchen!

Problem 2: Under-Eye Bags

Use concealer only on the shadow lines under your eyes – this will erase the shadow and give the illusion that the bags are not there!

Problem 3: Grey Roots

If you don’t have time (or heck a budget) to get your roots done in the time for holiday parties, Mally has a simple fix that you can do with products you already have on hand. Spray some hair spray onto your hair, then brush on some eye shadow that matches your hair color. It will instantly cover the greys as the powder sticks to the hair spray!

What’s your biggest beauty challenge during the holidays? Share below, and watch Mally do her amazing root touchup:

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