Peter Walsh Invades Mally Roncal’s Home


Playing Peter Walsh's Holiday Organizing Tips
Peter Walsh's Holiday Organizing Tips Aired December 16, 2015

Peter Walsh is invading ‘Holiday Horder’ Mally Roncal’s home! “So the plan today is to get Mally to boil down all the decorations that she has to just those she loves, and those she uses,” says Peter. His tips:
•    Arrange ornaments by room – every time you box up ornaments, label the box by room type

•    When you have sentimental ornaments that need a little protection, use clear stands, vases, cake stands, etc. to display those ornaments
•    Utilize empty wine racks to store wrapping paper
•    Cut a poster tube into 4-inch sections and line in a box to house ornaments
•    Use an empty soda bottle to store a string of lights or garland to keep them all tangle-free

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