4 Ingenious New Double-Duty Tips

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 18, 2015

We have four brand-new uses for everyday items you might already have laying around the house! Read on for the extremely creative double duty tips!

Double-Duty Tip No. 1

Removing stems from herbs can be really time-consuming and annoying, but this viewer tip will make it a breeze! Simply insert the stem into a hole on the inside of a colander, pull through from the other side, and the leaves will remain in the colander! And you can even enlist the kiddos to help! Brilliant!

Double-Duty Tip No. 2

This has probably happened to everyone who owns an air mattress at one time or another. Your guests have arrived, it’s late, and you’re trying to set up their bed. But you either can’t find your air pump or the batteries are dead. This will never be a problem for you again as long as you have one everyday device: a hair dryer! Our viewer says that it works just as well as an air pump, and bonus – you can use warm air if it’s a cold night!

Double-Duty Tip No. 3

Another viewer shares this mind-blowing tip – make a cookie dust topping for ice cream and other desserts by putting Oreos in a pepper mill!

Bonus Tip: Make sure the cookie pieces are small enough to fall to the bottom of the mill, and tap the mill on the counter a couple times before you start grinding.

Double-Duty Tip No. 4

Even celeb chefs come up with double-duty tips! Curtis Stone reveals his favorite wonder tool that wasn’t made for the kitchen: a paint scraper! He uses it to flip eggs, cut dough, and more!

What everyday item have you found a new use for?

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