What Is Kevin Bacon's Hidden Talent?


Playing Kevin Bacon Answers Our Audience’s Most Pressing Questions
Kevin Bacon Answers Our Audience’s Most Pressing Questions Aired June 26, 2015

Everything is better with Bacon – Kevin Bacon that is!  The Following star is dishing on what you can expect from this season. Plus, Rach is seeing whether she can get any more spoilers than James Purefoy did the last time he was here. “A lot of times we don’t get a chance to really work together because I’m hunting him down and he’s on the run. So, now that he’s in jail, I actually get some sit-down scenes with him, says Kevin. “I like to think of him, he’s kind of like my ex-girlfriend who keeps popping up because I’m trying to have this new relationship with this woman on the show, and she’s very, like strangely kind of threatened by his presence in my life.”

Then our audience is doing a speed-round of up close and personal “Bacon” questions! Was he ever fired? What was his biggest splurge? Watch the video above to find out the answers to these questions and more!

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