Three Surefire Strategies to Get Your Sex Life Back on Track

Playing Sex Therapist Helps Viewers Get Sex Life Back on Track
Sex Therapist Helps Viewers Get Sex Life Back on Track Aired July 08, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Need to reconnect with your partner in the bedroom? Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman is sharing techniques and helping one viewer “bring out the inner beast” in her husband.

Chris and Tasha have been married for three years and have felt some of the spark disappear. Dr. Berman gave them homework that involved kissing and massage as a precursor to a more intimate encounter. Watch above to learn more about their experience and to find out whether it worked.

Dr. Berman is also sharing three mind-blowing techniques that anyone can try at home.

Fantasy Box

Write down all the fantasies that you’d want to act out together and put them in a box. Promise not to judge your partner's fantasies, and agree on a list that you plan to try. Then pull one of the agreed-upon fantasies out of the box when you need a little motivation.

Banish Your Body Issues

Our partners are turned on by self-confidence, but also, they’re not looking at us with a critical eye, they’re appreciating the whole package in a moment of passion.

Schedule Sex

Make sure that you are making time for sex, because in our busy lives it is hard to be spontaneous. Put it on your calendar and be sure to take turns initiating.

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