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Chic DIY Concrete Planter Aired June 04, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re likely spending a lot more time with family and friends outdoors. If you’re getting bored of your outdoor space, why not try one or more of these creative, inexpensive and quick ideas?

Project No. 1: Stain Your Concrete Patio Slab

If you have a concrete slab for your patio, and are sick of the drab grey color, why not stain it? It’s a cheap and quick way to give your yard a totally new look, and the color possibilities are endless. Watch above for Carter Oosterhouse’s step-by-step instructions.

Project No. 2: Make Your Own Patio Stones

This hack is truly amazing – Scott McGillivray shows you how to make your own patio stones for pennies on the dollar. Just go to the craft store and buy some thick box-like frames, remove the back, put them in place in your yard in the configuration of your choice, and pour in concrete. Let the concrete dry and remove the box. The best part? This will only cost you a quarter of the price you'd pay if you didn't make the stones yourself. Wow!

Tip: Be sure to “tamp” down the sand carefully before you pour or place the stones. This will help you avoid a common DIY patio pitfall – a surface that isn't level!

Project No. 3: Chic DIY Concrete Planter

This project from Antonio Sabato Jr. really does look like a million bucks and costs practically nothing to make. Antonio shares that you just need a couple cheap plastic bins from the dollar store, concrete you can mix yourself at home, and a brick and before you know it, you’ll have your own concrete planters worthy of a feature in a design magazine!

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Note: Stock photo above does not represent the projects featured in this piece.

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