6 Crucial Rules to Keep Your Kids' Toys Organized this Summer

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 17, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

If your kids are out of school for the summer and you’re wondering how you’re going to keep all their toys, books, craft supplies and other stuff from overtaking your house, we’re one step ahead of you. We have a step-by-step guide from organization expert Peter Walsh on how to keep kids’ toys organized all summer long!

Rule No. 1: Purge

Make sure to periodically go through your kids’ toys and remove items that are not being played with or are no longer age-appropriate.

Rule No. 2: Every Toy Needs a Home

Make sure that you have designated storage so that when the day is over, all toys can go back to their proper place.

Rule No. 3: Use Tall Containers for More Storage

Peter shows Gretta how to choose taller toy bins to store lots of larger toys while using less floor space.

Rule No. 4: Repurpose Unused Toys for Creative Purposes

Peter cleverly turns Kai’s walk-behind wagon into a mobile bookshelf. Now, Kai can push his wagon anywhere he wants to read!

Rule No. 5: Find Smart, Portable Storage Solutions

Peter uses an over-the-Door shoe rack to keep art supplies organized. Clip it to a hanger and you can move it around the house, storing it in a closet when craft time is over.

Rule No. 6: Store Vertically

Peter shows Gretta an ingenious trick – clip stuffed animals to a length of plastic chain link and hang in a corner. You can store a lot of stuffed animals vertically, and your child can just grab what they want to play with off the lower links at any time.

So get to it! Use these tools to get the kids organized so that you can spend your summer kicking back in a well-organized home instead of tripping over toys! Watch the video below to see all of Peter's tips in action:

Peter Walsh Helps Gretta Organize Her Son's Toys

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