6 Insanely Easy and Inexpensive DIY Summer Accessories You Must Make


Playing Nautical Tote Bag
Nautical Tote Bag

by Lisa Lozano

If you’re short on cash but still want a fresh look for summer, we have six amazing projects you can make for a steal. And the best part is, you don’t need to be particularly crafty or have a lot of time to make these, they can all be done in minutes and often with items you already have lying around your house.

No. 1: DIY Nautical Tote

Start with a plain canvas tote and cut off the handles and discard. Make small holes where your new handles will go. Use a grommet tool to add metal grommets to secure the holes. Then thread blue and white braided rope through the holes and knot so they will stay in place. Finally, use a stencil and a fabric marker to stencil an anchor onto the outside of the bag. Done!

No. 2: DIY Shades

(The video below demonstrates tips 2 & 3.)

Just go to your discount store and buy some plain plastic sunglasses. Then, find some earrings you’re not wearing anymore, or buy some inexpensive earrings at a local shop. Snip off the wire with a wire cutter, and then hot glue them onto the shades in your chosen configuration!

Tip: Even inexpensive sunglasses often have UV protection these days, so make sure your sunglasses have that added benefit in order to protect your eyes.

No. 3: DIY Seashell Hair Clips

Here’s a chance to use up those seashells you’ve been collecting your whole life. Take a seashell with a flat-ish bottom, and hot glue it onto a bobby pin. Our beauty expert used a bobby pin with a flat end that she found at a beauty supply store, which makes it easier to attach the shell, but you could use any bobby pins you might have. To wear this look, just dot the clips throughout your hair, so it looks like seashells are nestling among your tresses.

No. 4: DIY Fringe Tee

This project is great for everyone, no matter how crafty you are, because there’s no exact science to it. Just take an old tee that’s not working for you for one reason or another, cut off the bottom hem, then use a piece of masking tape to mark off where you want your fringe to start. Then start cutting strips of fabric from the bottom up to your designated line. Easy peasy! Watch the video above for more detailed instructions.

No. 5: DIY Embellished Shorts

(The video below demonstrates tips 5 & 6.)

If you have old ratty shorts that you’re embarrassed to wear, you can really easily and inexpensively upcycle them into a fun, flirty garment you’re proud to wear to the beach. Just take a fabric pen and use a stencil to make designs on the shorts. The best part about this project is – you can use whatever shape you like, and put the design anywhere you want on the shorts in the configuration you like best!

No. 6: DIY Wrap Dress Cover-up

This project really could not be easier. Just buy a yard of flowy fabric from the craft store, and trim to fit your body (see video for details). Then, just cut two arm holes and tie. When you’re done, you’ll simply put your arm through one arm hole, wrap, then put your other arm through. Done! And this is extremely handy for a beach day because it couldn’t be easier to take on and off.

Tip: If you don’t want the material to cling to your curves, buy a fabric that is a cotton/synthetic blend because cotton won’t cling as much as purely synthetic fabric.

So which one of these projects will you be attempting before your next beach visit? Tell us in the comments!

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