Never Hire a Painter Again with these 4 Money-Saving DIY Painting Rules

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 24, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Lots of people hire professional painters when they want to change the wall color in their homes. But home repair expert Carter Oosterhouse is teaching how to save a boatload by doing it yourself!

Carter reveals that if you follow the below four rules, your walls will look amazing without paying anyone else to do it!

Rule 1: Choose Your Rollers and Brushes Wisely

Rachael Ray Show

When it comes to rollers, you want to use a thinner roller for smooth walls, and a thicker for rough walls like concrete. And for paint brushes, you want a good quality brush – the cheaper the brush, the worse the paint job will come out.

Rule 2: Be Consistent with Your Paint Application

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Carter reveals that consistency is key – make sure your paint is evenly applied for a professional look.

Rule 3: Let Paint Dry Fully Before Applying Additional Layer(s)

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Make sure your paint is fully dry before you put on another layer, otherwise you are just going to take off the previous layer, Carter warns.

Rule 4: Take Care When Edging

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To avoid paint from one area getting on another, you can a few options. One is a little sponge-roller tool that is very fast. Another would be to carefully use a brush to apply the paint. The third option, which Carter says will have the best result, is to use painter’s tape to mark off any areas you don’t want to get paint on.

And that’s it! Armed with your new painting knowledge, the possibilities are endless!

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