Peter Walsh Helps Regis Philbin Get Organized with 4 Easy Tips

Playing Regis Philbin Shares Poignant Story from His Past
Regis Philbin Shares Poignant Story from His Past Aired July 07, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

After Regis Philbin’s long and legendary career he understandably has a large collection of memorabilia and mementos, but unfortunately they are not organized as well as they could be. Insert organization expert Peter Walsh, who shows Regis how to get a handle on some of his most prized possessions. Read on for the advice, which you can apply to your own mementos!

Tip 1: Show Off Your Memorabilia

Peter shows Regis how to display his most prized sports memorabilia, like his signed Notre Dame helmet, in attractive acrylic boxes.

Tip 2: Create a “Wall of Fame”

If you have mementos related to your career that you’d like to show off, Peter recommends creating a wall display.

Tip 3: Organize Your Photos in Hanging Folders and Albums

Peter shows Regis some nifty hanging folders that close with elastics that he can use to store and categorize his photo collection. For extra special folders, he can use a large album with sleeves the photos can slide right into.

Tip 4: Protect Your Clothes with Plastic Sleeves

For clothes you don’t wear regularly, Peter advises hanging on wide hangers that will protect the sleeves and encasing in a plastic garment sleeve.

Bonus Tip: Cedar hangers offer even more protection.

Will you use any of these tips? Tell us in the comments!

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