7 Brilliant Packing Tips from a Stylist to the Stars

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by Lisa Lozano

Stylist Brad Goreski has worked with stars like Jessica Alba and Demi Moore, and now, he’s sharing his know-how by telling you how you can pack like seasoned celeb travelers. Read on for his expert advice!

Tip 1: Pack a "Bag of Bags"

Brad carries a tote or duffel bag that he fills with smaller bags in which items are categorized for easy access. One bag will have medicines, another carries your electronic devices and cords, another has easy-access beauty products.

Tip 2: Pack Multifunctional Items

For your carry-on tote or duffel, choose a bag that reflects your style and that you can use for a day on the town during your trip. Likewise, for your “bags with a bag,” use clutches or purses that can also be used during your trip, instead of a Ziploc bag, which only fulfills one purpose.

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Tip 3: Keep Your Jewelry Separated

You don’t need a fancy jewelry organizer to keep everything neat and orderly. Brad recommends using snack-sized Ziploc bags to separate and organize your jewelry. Bonus – they are see-through so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Tip 4: Pack in Layers

Brad says he likes to pack his suitcase "like a 7-layer dip." He starts with bulky items like blazers and jackets, then pants and shorts, then sweaters, shirts. Then use scarves to fill the nooks and crannies, and put your bathing suits on top. Next, Brad suggests packing your underwear and bras into your shoes, putting them in a duster bag, then placing on top. Clever! He also recommends wearing cute slip-on flats while traveling, because they will come off easy when you go through security.

Tip 5: Fold Your Clothes Retail-Style

Brad used to work at the Gap, so he knows folding! He demonstrates how to fold your clothes like they do in retail stores to minimize wrinkles and maximize space.

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Tip 6: Travel with a Handheld Steamer

Brad considers this an essential travel item to de-wrinkle your clothes quickly and easily.

Tip 7: Use Soap to Make Zipper Move Easily

Everyone who has ever traveled has probably had a moment where the zipper wouldn't shut. To make it move more smoothly, rub a little soap on it. You can bring soap with you, but wherever you end up with likely have it there.

Do you have a favorite packing tip? Tell us in the comments, and watch below to see Brad's tips in action:

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