2 Ingenious Double-Duty Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

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by Lisa Lozano

If you’re anything like us, your jewelry is perpetually in a tangled mess when you’re not wearing it. Rachael’s buddy, organizing pro Peter Walsh, has two solutions that will keep your jewelry tidy at home and while traveling!

Tip 1: Use a Multilevel Pants Hanger for Your Jewelry

When it comes to home jewelry storage, Peter has a brilliant second use for multilevel pants organizers. Just use the swing-out arms to hang your bracelets and necklaces! Put the hanger in your closet in a visible spot, and now you have easy and organized access to all your jewelry!

Tip 2: Use Straws to Keep Chains Untangled While Traveling

Chain necklaces can be particularly difficult to keep untangled, especially when traveling. Peter’s brilliant solution? Thread your necklaces through ordinary drinking straws, fasten, and bend. Now they are well contained and easy to pack and transport!

What is your favorite trick for keeping your jewelry organized? Tell us in the comments.

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