10 Amazing, Money-Saving Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Dorm Room
Photo credit: iStock Aired August 26, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

It's back-to-school time, which means that college students everywhere are trying to decorate their dorm rooms on a budget. What if you could make deliciously chic adornments for your space… using everyday school supplies? Well, that's exactly what HGTV stars Genevieve Gorder and Taniya Nayak are showing you how to do!

Project #1: Elegant Ruler Tray

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When you're in a small space, trays can come in handy for setting out snacks when visitors stop by. Genevieve cut some rulers and glued them onto an inexpensive tray for a rich look.

Project #2: Post-it Note Wall

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Have you ever considered papering your walls with… Post-it Notes? Probably not. But Genevieve shows you how you can easily and cheaply change your wall color using Post-its and a large circular hole punch! Neat!

Project #3: Post-it Note Pendant Lamps

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Taniya also used a circle punch and made two hanging lamps out of globes, then covered them in round sticky paper. So cute!

Tip: You could also use a bowl (dollar store, anyone?) for this project.

Project #4: Melted Crayon Painting

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This idea is so fun — Taniya glues crayons to the top of a canvas, then uses a hair dryer to melt them until they drip to form an abstract design! You can paint words onto your canvas before melting the crayons to make it even more impactful.

Project #5: Ruler Placemats

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Taniya painted rulers in alternating colors, then used double-sided heavy duty tape to tape them together with some backing fabric to make sophisticated placemats.

Project #6: Ikat-Patterned Chairs

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Taniya took high-back fabric-covered chairs and made an Ikat stencil and just used a magic marker to color in a pattern! How easy and cheap is that?

Project #7: Upgrade Your Dining Chairs with Rubber Bands

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Genevieve used brown and colored rubber bands to accent basic wooden dining chairs. You can either go with basic brown, or make patterns with colored bands.

Project #8: Gold-Patterned Wine Glasses

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Taniya creates beautiful and elegant stemless wine glasses by using rubber bands to make a pattern on the bottom of the cup, then painting.

Project #9: Hanging Mason Jar Chandelier

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An elegant chandelier made of mason jars, rubber bands and fishing line? Count us in! Genevieve grouped mason jars together and hung them from the ceiling with either fishing line or chain. She decorated the jars with rubber bands and added flameless candles. Brilliant!

Project #10: Paper Flower Centerpiece

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This project couldn't be easier or cheaper! You just collect some branches outside, and add circular sticky notes (made with the hole punch mentioned above) to the branches to make "flowers." So cute!

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