5 Ridiculously Easy Cleaning Projects to Do While the Kids are At School

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by Lisa Lozano

The kids are back at school, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all of your free time doing housework. Check out these five fast and easy cleaning and organizing projects that you could do in a snap!

No. 1: Clean Your Microwave

Peter shows you an amazing trick to clean your microwave with hardly any effort! Just take a bowl, throw a sponge in there and soak it with a mixture of water, dish detergent and white vinegar. Set the sponge on the turntable in the microwave and run it for three minutes.

Take caution at this next step, because the sponge will be hot! Let the sponge cool, then, wearing a rubber glove, use the sponge to wipe down the interior of the microwave. Any grime will come off super easy!

No. 2: Organize Under Your Sinks

Peter has a simple method for quickly cleaning under all the sinks in your home – and he claims it will only take ten minutes! First, take out anything that is trash or belongs somewhere else. Then , put the items that do belong under the sink back, but organize them in a bin or two.

No. 3: Clear off Your Dining Room Table

If your dining table is covered in all kinds of random stuff, Peter has an easy solution. Just pick up anything that usually ends up on the table, group it into categories, and put everything in bins that you can store near or even under the table. That way it will be easy to clean off when it’s time to eat.

No. 4: Organize Your Freezer

Peter shows you an amazing way to keep everything organized in your freezer. Take everything out of your freezer, and organize the items by category – vegetables, meat, stock, etc, and place into labeled plastic freezer storage bins and put them back in the freezer. How easy is that?

No. 5: Clean Your Junk Drawer

Clean your junk drawer in 10 minutes! Really! Peter advises to first take everything out, get rid of anything that is trash, and put aside anything that belongs elsewhere. Organize like things together, and then group each category of items in small plastic containers or cardboard boxes.

What part of your home needs the most attention when it comes to cleaning and organizing?

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