The Best Time of Year to Buy Computers, Jewelry, Wedding Dresses & More -- Revealed!

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by Lisa Lozano

If you’ve ever wondered if it was the right time of year to get the best price on a specific item, we’ve got a whole lot of answers for you! Financial expert Alexa von Tobel, CEO and Founder of Learnvest, is here to reveal retailer secrets for when certain items go on sale.

Grill Accessories: Spring

Grill accessories go on sale in the spring to try to get you to buy a grill. Grills themselves go on sale in the fall.

Computers: Summer

August is the best month to buy a computer, Alexa shares, to attempt to sway students going back to school to buy.

Jewelry: Non Gift-Giving Months

Retailers consider certain months to be “gift-giving months.” February has Valentine’s Day, May has Mother’s Day, June has graduations and weddings, and October through December are holiday shopping months. Alexa recommends to buy jewelry during non-gifting months to get a discount.

Toys: Fall

Alexa says that best time of year to buy toys is actually October. She says retailers want to lure shoppers with good deals in October, so that they will return to that store and shop again during the holiday season.

Sneakers: Spring

Alexa says you save anywhere from 40-60 percent, or even up to 80 percent on clearance items, if you buy your sneakers in the spring. The reason for this is that the shoe companies come out with their new designs in the summer, so they need to get rid of the previous year’s styles.

Wedding Dress: Fall

All the new designs for wedding dresses come out in the fall, so the previous year’s designs go on sale.

Bottled Water: Summer

During the sweltering summer heat, stores will reduce prices on water and put them in prominent locations to get you to come in and shop.

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