5 Fun, Easy & Cheap Decorating Projects You Can Do Before the Kids Come Home Today

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 04, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

If you have a little time on your hands, we have five easy and really fun decorating projects you can do for a steal! And you’ll have a blast doing it!

No. 1: Etch Your Own Glass

This project is great to use to make glass accents for your own home, but would also be great for hostess gifts. You simply stencil designs with glass etching solution onto decorative glassware like vases.

Tip: Make sure to wear gloves so you don’t burn your hands with the solution.

No. 2: Paint Your Bookcase Backing for a Dramatic Display

Genevieve Gorder shows Rach how to paint the backing of bookshelves to create a deeper and richer visual presentation. She also creates color-coded book sculptures for a vibrant way to display your library.

No. 3: Upcycle Simple Knickknacks with Metallics

Metallic décor can have a big impact. Rachael shares, "An element of shine in a room makes such a difference." Nate Berkus shows you how to take a simple white vase and paint it with a simple geometric pattern to give it a whole new sparkle.

No. 4: Make Multi-tiered Pedestal Plates

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this is a super easy project you can do with just a little time. To make a simple and super inexpensive tiered serving station, just hot glue an inverted sundae bowl onto the bottom of a plate.

No. 5: Create a New Headboard for Your Bed

Nate Berkus simply throws a natural-fiber wool rug over a headboard to give it a whole new look! Easy and affordable.

Tip: The rug doesn’t have to be the exact dimensions of your headboard – use a smaller rug for a splash of color, and even a pretty scarf would do the trick!

What’s your favorite inexpensive trick for decorating? Share below!

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