7 of Our Best-Ever Kitchen Hacks to Get You Ready for Season 10

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 08, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

To get ready for Season 10 of our show, which premieres September 14, we're counting down seven of our best-ever tips to save you time and money in the kitchen!

No. 1: Never Throw Out Basil Again with Rachael’s Tip

Did you know that if you put your basil in a cup of water (like you would flowers), that it will not only not die, but will keep growing? Who knew? Rach cleans and trims the bottom of her basil when she gets home from the store and puts it in a glass on the counter with a plastic baggie loosely covering the leaves, to make a “greenhouse.” Ingenious!

No. 2: How to Clean Your Grill Pan

Grills pans are great for grilling meat when you can’t do it outside. But they get so filthy and gunky that it can be a pain to clean them. Rach’s simple solution will blow your mind. Just put your grill pan on the stove, cover it with some salt, turn the heat back on and cover it with foil. Turn off the heat and once it cools, it will clean up easily!

No. 3: Rachael's 30-Second Honey Tip

Did you know that honey never goes bad? However, sometimes it can get grainy and needs to be refreshed. Rachael just puts her glass jar of honey in a simmering water bath to “wake it up.”

No. 4: Upgrade Your Egg Sandwich

If you love fast-food breakfast sandwiches and want to know how to get a perfectly English-muffin-sized egg disc at home, Rach has an amazing hack for you! Just cook your egg in a ring of sliced bell pepper! Works every time!

No. 5: Bottom of the Jar Pickle Tip

If you always want to have pickles in the house, but don’t want to constantly run to the store, try this viewer’s bottom-of-the-jar tip. After noticing that there was a lot of pickle juice left in the jar when store-bought pickles were gone, this viewer decided to chop up some fresh cucumbers, plop them in the jar, and voila, new pickles!

No. 6: Double-Duty Herbs Tip

If separating herb leaves from their stems bums you out, a viewer has this time-saving hack. Just take a colander, and thread the herb stem through. The herb leaves will be left in the colander bowl! Done and done!

No. 7: How to Properly Cut a Round Cake

If you are ever tasked with cutting up a large round cake, it can be hard to make sure the pieces are all evenly sized. Kelsey has a simple trick – take a bowl that is small than your cake, and use it to make a light marking in the center of the cake. Cut on the line so that you end up with a cake within a cake. Then, slice the outer circle first, then the inner, ending up with beautiful symmetrical pieces of cake.

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