3 Cheap Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Solutions

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 27, 2016

Organizing pro Peter Walsh has three brilliant kitchen organization solutions for people with limited storage space – and you can likely find all the supplies at the dollar store!

No. 1: Hang Your Ziploc Bags

Space-Saving Kitchen Tip for Ziploc Bags

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Playing Space-Saving Kitchen Tip for Ziploc Bags

Peter has a space-saving suggestion for hanging your Ziploc bags – and it involves no gear, only some tape! He just sticks double-sided tape onto the interior of a cabinet door, then attaches the cardboard box of bags! Instant bag dispenser!

No. 2: Use a File Tray to Organize Pots and Pans

Peter shows that you can take a file rack that you might even be able to find at a dollar store, and use it to store your pots and pans so that you can just grab one to cook, instead of having to pick up the whole pile to get one at the bottom of the stack.

No. 3: Use a Magazine File to Store Cans

Peter shows how a simple plastic magazine file quickly and easily becomes a space-saving can storage device! Just put it inside your cabinet and insert your cans – they are easily vertically stacked and won't roll out!

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