4 Easy Steps to Decluttering a Small Space


Playing Peter Walsh Helps a Family of 10 Get Organized in a Small Space
Peter Walsh Helps a Family of 10 Get Organized in a Small Space Aired June 27, 2016

Nicole and Jerry live with their 8 children in a 950-square-foot home, and every inch of space in their home seemed to be overtaken by stuff. Organizing Pro Peter Walsh comes to the rescue, helping them to declutter their space using his simple four step F-A-S-T method!

Step 1: “F” Stands for Find Time

In any journey, it starts with a first step. Schedule some time to de-clutter, don’t just wait for inspiration to hit you!

Step 2: “A” Stands for Getting Rid of Anything You Haven’t Used in a Year

Quickly go through your items and discard or donate anything that has not been used in 12 months.

Step 3: “S” Stands for Relocating Stuff that Belongs Elsewhere

This simple step will make a big difference – put items away in their proper place.

Step 4: “T” Stands for Trash

Anything that is garbage should be immediately thrown away.

These four simple steps will have you on the path to a clutter-free home in no time! Watch the videos to see the amazing transformation Nicole and Jerry’s home undergoes with Peter at the helm!

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