Suze Orman Reveals What Your Purse May Say About Your Debt

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 13, 2016

Suze Orman is analyzing the purses of two audience members to reveal what it says about their financial lives – and it’s not pretty!

Viewer number one, Jasmine, has a purse that is overflowing with bills, papers, and two wallets that are stuffed with credit cards! Suze guess correctly that this person has a lot of credit card debt and that she pays her bills late!

Suze sets Jasmine on the path to financial freedom – by giving her a pair of scissors and challenging her to cut up her credit cards right then and there!

Suze takes a look at a second viewer’s purse, and she has some of the same issues as Jasmine. Suze finds a number of receipts, and suggests a much better way to save them!

Suze Orman Shares a Trick for Storing Receipts

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What is your biggest financial issue? Tell us below, and click here for Suze’s amazing tips that will change the way you shop for the holidays!

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