Our 6 Favorite Cleaning and Decluttering Tips of 2015

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 22, 2015

2016 is right around the corner, and if you didn’t get to all the cleaning and decluttering you wanted to in 2015, here are 6 of our favorite tips of the year from our organization pro Peter Walsh to get you ready to be an organizing machine next year!

Tip 1: Use this Secret Ingredient to Clean Discolored Pans

We all have pans that we love that just don’t look as great as they could after heavy use. Peter’s brilliant solution? Use denture-cleaning tablets and hot water to soak the stains right out!

Bonus Tip: If the first treatment doesn’t work, add more hot water and denture tabs and let soak overnight.

Tip 2: Clean all the Gunk Out of Your Microwave

Soak a sponge with water, dish soap and vinegar, then put it in the microwave for three minutes. After the time is up, use the wet sponge to wipe down the microwave. The condensation will soften the gunk and it will wipe right off!

Bonus Tip: Let the sponge cool slightly before wiping – it will be hot!

Tip 3: Keep Party Dishes Under Control

When you’re having a large dinner gathering, Peter suggests taking a large commercial dish pan, filling it with soapy water, and just putting dirty dishes in there throughout the day. To taking it a step further, make your life even easier by putting it on a rolling cart so you can load up the dishes in the dining room and bring them to the kitchen that way. Carry a bowl with you to scrape all the scraps into so the food doesn’t end up muddying up your dishwater.

Tip 4: Use a Magazine File to Store Cans

Peter shows how a simple plastic magazine file quickly and easily becomes a space-saving can storage device! Just put it inside your cabinet and insert your cans – they are easily vertically stacked and won’t roll out!

Tip 5: Divide Your Clutter into Three Categories

In order to declutter quickly, tet up three stations and label them in different colors: Donate, Sell and Keep. Divide everything up into those categories and label items with painter’s tape according to the above categories, so you know where each item is going.

Tip 6: Store Glass Christmas Ornaments in an Egg Carton

The time for boxing up and storing away your holiday decorations is right around the corner. Peter reveals that an egg carton is the perfect shape to store and protect your favorite glass ornaments! How clever!

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