5 of Our Favorite Gadgets of 2015

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 28, 2015

We love anything that can make our lives easier in the kitchen, so we’re revealing five of our favorite gadgets that culinary expert Christopher Kimball shared with us in 2015!

No. 1: Toddy Cold Brew System

This cold brew gadget takes its inspiration from a practice that was done regularly in the 19th century, when people would mix cold water and course-ground coffee and let it sit overnight. This gadget will help you make enough coffee to least for a whole week, because it’s concentrated and you dilute it 3-to-1 before drinking.

No. 2: Baking Steel

With a pizza oven, you get a perfect crust and a shorter cooking time because the oven is 900 degrees. Our home ovens don’t get that hot, so Christopher recommends a baking steel instead of a baking stone.

Tip: To pre-heat the steel quickly, put it under the broiler.

Bonus Tip: Cook the pizza about two thirds of the way to the top of your oven in order to get an evenly cooked crust.

No. 3: VinniBag

This amazing little inflatable bag can keep your wine safe on the road! If you’ve ever been on vacation and wanted to bring wine back, but were afraid it would break on the way home, this is for you!

No. 4: Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer

When you buy all natural peanut butter, or other nutbutters, it can be really annoying and messy to try to stir the separated oil back into the butter. This tool screws right onto the lid of your peanut butter, and stirs with no mess. Brilliant!

No. 5: Mrs. Anderson’s Easy Pie Crust Maker

If you love making homemade pie crust, but don’t like the mess, and have a hard time getting it into a good circle shape, you need this gadget. It’s basically a round plastic zip up bag that you put your crust in, then roll out through the plastic. Genius!

Which of these do you think would be the most helpful to you? Share below!

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