5 Fun DIY Decorations for the Big Game

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired January 19, 2016

Having people over to watch the big game in a couple weeks? Make the party as festive as possible with these 5 fun DIY decorations!

No. 1: Turf Table Topper

Want to bring the field inside for your party? Just pick up some inexpensive faux turf at the home improvement store, and put it down on top of your table! How clever!

No. 2: PVC Pipe Goal Post

This project is so fun, and more importantly, so easy! John just picks up some PVC pipe at the home improvement store, and has them cut it to his specifications, then attaches the pieces to form a goal post. You can use this year after year!

No. 3: "Beer" Pitcher Centerpiece

To make a fun centerpiece for your snacks table, fill a glass pitcher with butterscotch candy, then top with white flowers to make it look like a pitcher of beer!

No. 4: "Football" Mason Jar Glasses

Want to serve your guests drinks in “football” glasses? Just take mason jars, add white tape in the design of football stitching, then fill with a dark liquid like cola (or a dark beer).

No. 5: Trash Touchdown

For a final touch, set up your trash can on the other side of your Goal Post. Your guests can throw their trash for a touchdown!

Which team do you hope wins the big game? Share below!

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