These 4 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks Will Change Everything

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 22, 2016

There are a myriad of small annoyances we all deal with over the course of our day, but Buzzfeed Senior Food Editor Alison Roman is here to take a few of those off your list with four amazing solutions for your kitchen conundrums.

Hack No. 1: A Super Easy Way to Get Shell Out of Your Eggs

We’ve all been there – you crack an egg and there’s a tiny piece of shell that it seems impossible to get out. Alison’s hack is so simple, we can’t believe we never thought of it! Just use the big piece of shell from the egg you cracked to fish it out – when you put the large piece of shell in the egg, the small piece will gravitate toward it. Brilliant!

Hack No. 2: The Easy Way to Measure Sticky Substances

The Easy Way to Measure Sticky Substances

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Playing The Easy Way to Measure Sticky Substances

Getting sticky ingredients like honey or molasses out of your measuring cup and into your bowl can be really annoying and time-consuming. But Alison reveals a hack that couldn’t be easier – just dip your measuring cup in hot water before you measure! Your ingredient will come right out, and your measuring cup will be practically clean!

Hack No. 3: Make Coffee Without a Coffee Pot

If you run out of coffee filters one day, or just don’t have a coffeepot, never fear! Just put ground coffee in a kitchen pot and add hot water. Let it steep a bit, the coffee grinds will sink to the bottom, and you can just ladle your coffee out and drink!

Hack No. 4: Heat Food Evenly in the Microwave

When reheating food in the microwave, you’re always running the risk that your food is going to heat unevenly. But if you arrange your food in a donut shape, with an empty spot in the middle, it will heat more evenly.

Which of these hacks are you excited to try first? Tell us below.

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