4 of Our Best-Ever Viewer Cleaning Tips

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 08, 2016

Some of our favorite tips don’t come from the experts who visit The Rachael Ray Show, they come from our viewers! Read on for four amazing and ingenious cleaning tips!

No. 1: Get Permanent Marker Off Your White Board

If you’ve ever accidentally written on a white board with a permanent marker, you know that feeling of dread at thinking you’ve ruined it. Our viewer shows you how to turn it around!

No. 2: DIY Countertop Wipes

If you hate shelling out for expensive cleaning wipes, this viewer shows you how to make your own!

No. 3: How to Get Grease Out of a Tablecloth

If you’re having a dinner party and someone spills oil on your tablecloth, this viewer has a super simple way to make sure it won’t leave a permanent stain!

No. 4: The Easy Way to Clean Red Wine Stains

Nothing kills a party vibe like a red wine stain. But it doesn’t have to! Our viewer shares a super easy way to clean red wine stains with everyday products you most likely already have at home.

What’s your favorite cleaning tip? Tell us below.

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