Love Huge Windows, But Feel Over-Exposed? Here’s a Cool DIY for Privacy with Panache

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Question: I have huge windows which is great, but it’s a major privacy issue because it faces into my neighborhood. I’m wondering if you have any ideas for window coverings since I always want them covered.” -- Donna Hartmann via Facebook

Answer: HGTV designer Taniya Nayak has a few great tips for covering those windows with style. “We can take the window and turn it into somewhat of a piece of art,” she says.

She demonstrated one of our favorite ideas on our “Hamptons” green room, which is lined with windows along the hallway (green rooms here are where show guests get ready before taping and hang out afterwards). To add some privacy while still keeping the cool, relaxed vibe, Nayak wove laminate horizontally over some piping, covering the entire windows floor to ceiling with a basketweave effect. She used a laminate that resembles driftwood (it’s the Hamptons room after all) but it comes in many finishes like steel, wood, and even plain colors.

If you’d like to let more light in, Nayak says using a frosted glass window film is a great affordable option, especially for bathrooms. It’s easy to apply and it won’t ruin your windows.

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