Where to Hang Mirrors So They Look Perfect Every Time + How to Choose Accent Colors

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Question: “I have all these mirrors in my house placed haphazardly, I never know how or where to hang them. Can you give me some basic guidelines?” -- Andrea Boccard, audience member

Answer: Design pro Ty Pennington says to just remember the rule of five. “In general, you should hang them about five feet from the floor, which is about eye level for an average height person and will give you enough room to place a piece of furniture underneath,” he explains.  When you are hanging mirrors above mantels, placing them five inches above usually looks just right, too.

To create a cozier environment in your living room, place a mirror on the wall opposite a window to reflect the outdoors. If it’s a bedroom or somewhere you want to capitalize on morning light, try the adjacent window for a brighter room.

Question: “I have colored walls, but no idea what color furniture or accent pieces would look good with it. Any advice?” -- Danya Miller via Skype

Answer: Pennington recommends looking to the color wheel for help. While using complementary (opposites) and monochromatic (same color, darker or lighter shade) colors are typically good strategies, “sometimes more than one color can be too much, and that’s when I would say to choose a white or neutral,” he explains. Plus, the contrast against neutrals will help your chosen color pop more, he adds.

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