Save Time + Money at The Grocery Store with These Tips

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Save Time + Money at The Grocery Store with These Tips Aired November 25, 2016

Grocery shopping: we all have to do it, but it’s not always fun. Food Network star and cookbook author Ted Allen is here with his top tips on how to save and how to get out of the grocery store quickly! Read on for our favorite tips and check out the video for more.

No. 1: ‘10 for $10’-Type Specials -- You Don’t Need to Buy All 10!

Even if a product is on sale for, say, 10 for $10, you don’t need to buy 10 to get the special per-unit price.

No. 2: How to Choose the Fastest Line

If you have a choice between a line with one person with a lot of groceries, and a line with several people who only have a few groceries, Ted says to get in the line with only one person ahead of you. Why? Statistics show that greeting each customer takes time, which adds up.

No. 3: Search High and Low for the Best Deals

Grocery stores typically stock less expensive items at the bottom and top of the shelves, putting the most expensive brands right at eye level in hopes that you’ll grab those without looking around more.


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