The Best Way to Reheat Cold Pizza While You Binge Watch This Weekend

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It’s no secret that pizza is the perfect complement to any TV marathon. If you’re like us, then you may have encountered this scenario before: You remember you’ve got some pizza leftover in the fridge from last night, but the thought of eating it reheated compared to ordering a hot, fresh pizza is weighing heavily on your mind. Plus, you don’t really want to stop watching to man the oven. Problem solved!

Watch the video for an insanely fast way to revive cold pizza to its original crusty-on-the-bottom, cheesy-goodness-on-top form, so you can get back to your show in less time than it takes to order a new pie.

Want More Impressive Pizza Hacks?

Watch the Cooking Channel’s “Pizza Cuz” stars Sal Basille and Francis Garcia show you how to go from frozen to hot, cheesy, and on your plate in 3 minutes flat.

Or shake things up and make grilled cheese with leftover pizza. Because pizza is pretty much the best thing ever, in any form.


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