How to Make Your Windows Look Bigger + Choose the Perfect Paint Color

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Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert interior designer like our pal, Nate Berkus. That’s why we’ve brought him in to share his fail-proof tips for a few viewers struggling with home design dilemmas of their own.

How to Make Windows Look Bigger + Ceilings Appear Higher
Question: Annamae Raio of Southampton, New Jersey said she got frustrated while trying to find the perfect curtains for her kitchen and ended up buying plain white ones that she doesn’t love. Should she keep them?

Answer: “Take them back to the store!” says Berkus. In an area where there’s steam, smells or food preparation, he says it's best to shy away from textile and to stick with a shade or a woven blind.

Tip: If you order a blind that’s wider than the window by three to four inches on both sides, you can mount it closer to the ceiling and keep them down so it hangs just above the top molding. This will make your windows look like they go up to the ceiling and makes the ceiling feel higher. Check out the video above to see his demonstration.

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color
Question: Susan Caiazzo of Bangor, Pennsylvania said she and her family were in a rush to move into their home 16 years ago and painted every room the same off-white color. Today, she’s scared to choose a new color in fear of hating it. What color should she go with for her living room?

Answer: Berkus says the deep brown color she originally wanted will definitely work for her living room. Because of the furniture style, landscaping and green lush scenery right outside the window, Berkus suggests a warmer, neutral, light tan or pale gray color. You can see pics of her home in the video above.

Tip: Berkus says he does not like accent walls. “It shows a lack of commitment -- it’s like you’re a bad dater. If you love a color, paint the whole room in that color!” Just follow the 60-30-10 rule: most of the room is 60% one color, 30% accent, and 10% something brighter. The 10% could include something as simple as a pillow or a throw on a sofa.

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